thinking = remembering


If a start-over is I want, it’s a start-over I’ll get

Or something like that

You saw me on the bus again

Only this time you let me know

I fell on my knees again

Only this time there was already a scar

Additional layers or reset buttons

I can’t be sure

If I could put it into words

It might endure

The absence of certainty is certainly dizzying

The knowledge of absence is abysmally curtaining

The purpose of where she is and how she got there

If the absence persists or if it lifts

When it lifts it is the end or the beginning?

The question makes me tear the skin around my nails

You notice and grab my hand

Like that’ll stop me

If it’s been there forever why does it feel new everyday?

If it’s meant to go away why does it feel like it’s forever?

A stream of consciousness they say

I say that’s only one way to put it

Thinking is merely remembering

Or at least that’s what Plato thought

I remember when i remembered who was

I Forget what it felt like

I can remember forgetting about you like it was a choice


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