she’s a psy-op

on Tuesdays i sit at the front
on Thursdays in the back
someone called my prof a bohemian bourgeoisie while she was teaching Baudrillard
i wish it was me
but all i could muster was “ideologue”

what’s it called when you resent someone but suspect it’s related to the behavioural overlap between you and them

who are the people who we want to listen talk about themselves
there definitely are some
but who are they?
am i one?
does every use  a point of reference tied exclusively to what happened to them over the weekend
how that reflects
on the subject at hand?
I’m willing to tell everyone everything
except how badly i want to ditch all of my responsibilities and have a child and grow kale
it’s misaligned with my persona

is wanting to be a mother part of my shadow
why are we simultaneously reading Jung
is that divine organization

how many times do i have to speak over everyone’s head until someone calls me the fuck out
how many more times do i have to alienate someone by inserting some allusion to divine providence in casual conversation

how much longer will i involuntarily shift conversation to metaphysics
and leave people with one word on their tongue
is it crazy to want to know the nature of the universe or crazy not to

if i show one more YouTube video about the flat earth psy op or indigo children to people who have higher standards
if I’m only understood on Reddit
I’m alright with that but I’m way too stoned to type something out so please just come over
you need to see this


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