logos killed eros

okay so logos colonized eros…
so why am i watching a YouTube video called “the return of logos” featuring four male panel speakers who equate women with nature
Nietzsche did this too
“nature is a woman ”
and honestly if we’re going to be essentialist
I’d rather be chaos than order
if logos colonized eros, is eros is lost?
did we erase women?
do we want to?
would that be efficient or rational enough for you?

all year, i managed to maneuver the essay guidelines to discuss “rationalization” in every context
i say
we rationalized love
we rationalized consciousness
we rationalized God and called it science
we internalized externality
“as a way of coping”
i tweet “bureaucracy can be so anti human”
and then i pay my 101$ library fees

if women are nature then I’m allowed to cry on the 99
as long as i fuck you passionately once we get home
if women are nature and nature is chaos why try to rationalize us with a diagnosis
just ride the wave you fucking coward
you can have your logos but you can’t have both unless you earn it

some days i wear my boyfriends large jeans, held up by a belt and a large black t shirt
i move around like i have a grasp on logos
as if my eyes aren’t painted like the cat you tell me i am
as if i understand set theory

i can embody  aloof masculinity more than you ever could
and I’m just parodying
and it’s only episodic
but at least i try
the thing about nature is that she can transform in far less time than the gears of logical process
shape shifting isn’t just something mystique does you know
there’s a reason the female x men are death, flux, rebirth, weather and revival

I’m almost certain Kierkegaard had better sex than Hegel


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